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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Mississauga

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Mississauga

Wisdom tooth extraction is a procedure that helps in removing one or several wisdom teeth. The procedure is performed by dentists to reduce risk of infection, prevent cysts or tumors. At AIMS Dentistry, our dentist follow a through approach for wisdom tooth extraction Mississauga. Our dentist in Mississauga carries out an oral examination and CAT scan to identify the position of the impacted tooth to perform wisdom tooth extraction safely. At our Aims Dentistry, wisdom teeth removal procedures are performed in a safe environment using the latest monitoring equipment and techniques.

Wisdom teeth appear between the ages of 17 to 25 and are nothing but a third set of molars. At one point or the other everyone has them removed. Dentists recommend wisdom teeth extraction due to the following reasons:

What to expect during treatment?

Wisdom teeth are wrongly angled and can be trapped within mandible or gums. Their extraction is not a simple tooth removal. It becomes a complex surgical procedure as your dental surgeon may have to cut through gums or bone for removal. Therefore, it’s necessary to get them extracted from a renowned dental clinic.

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What to expect during treatment?

Dental surgeons at Aims Dentistry have proficiently carried out numerous wisdom tooth extractions over the years. In the hands of our expert doctors, you can expect great results.

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Very soft handed and caring staff particularly doctor is very nice and helpful price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend everyone to visit them for all dental care.

Faisal Abbas

Dr Mandeep Sandhu is very professional and a nice person. Her clinic is equipped with the latest technology and hygiene is excellent. Front desk services are super friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who needs dental treatment.

This clinic is top notch, clean, spacious and with the latest technology. But best of all is the gentle and precise dentistry I have ever experienced from a dentist. I have been there four times and have always been very satisfied.

Merwan I.

The best experience with a dentist for our family. Very knowledgable doctor and fantastic staff. The place is very clean and my kids (5&7) go there without hesitation and get treatment without any additional effort. The doctor knows how to treat with little kids. Thank you dr Sandhu.

Best for teeth..I was with my father and i reached at 9.30 am AIIMS and i registerd opd and summit my paper toh gurd and They call me after 1.30 hour.. i was waiting and crowd was also waiting..the doctor is good.

Subham Rai

Had a great experience with the doctor and her assistant. She was very polite and informative. She also advised me for my wisdom teeth extraction.

Amazing experience!!!Doctor is very honest and helpful!!

Harsimrat Singh

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