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Teeth Whitening / Dental Bonding

Teeth whitening is a great way to brighten your teeth and attain a great smile. The procedure helps remove stains and discoloration that makes you have a dull smile. Teeth whitening lightens teeth and is the most popular cosmetic dental procedures since it improves the look of your teeth.

It is not a one-time procedure; you need to do it regularly for your teeth to maintain the brighter look. At AIMS Dentistry, we are known for enhancing our clients’ smiles by offering the best teeth whitening Mississauga services. Our whitening solutions can dynamically change your teeth appearance due to their strength.

Teeth bonding helps in fixing several aesthetic issues such as stains, misalignment and gaps in the teeth. It involves application of composite resin to repair discolored, decayed, fractured or chipped teeth. The procedure helps close gaps between the teeth, make them look longer or change the colour or shape of your teeth. We provide fast and painless Dental Bonding Mississauga. Our well designed dental bonding procedure whitens your teeth until they match fully with your natural teeth.

Teeth whitening treatment is carried out to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of teeth. Often our lifestyle habits like smoking and too much caffeine throughout the day leads to staining of teeth. Cigarette stains are often categorized as the most difficult to treat stains.

Why Teeth Whitening?

Normal teeth color is the same as that of a pearl. Everyday caffeine intake and certain foods can cause them to attain a slight pale color. Even though a slight pallor is acceptable, Aims Dentistry recommends undergoing teeth whitening treatment under following circumstances:

A daily dose of self-confidence is important to achieve little triumphs in everyday life. When discolored teeth bring down your confidence, go for teeth whitening treatment in Mississauga anytime.

Benefits of teeth whitening treatment

At Aims Dentistry, a highly certified and experienced team of dentists administer teeth whitening treatment in Mississauga. Here’s why professional treatment in dental clinic should be preferred instead of over the counter whitening kits:

How Dental Bonding helps?

Bonding and veneers are used in specialized cases where there’s chipping, cracking, and decaying of teeth along with discoloration. Bonding involves coating teeth with a color matching resinous layer that completely coats the outer surface of teeth and makes the appearance even and bright. We offer affordable tooth coloured restoration cost in Mississauga.

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Veneer Dentist Mississauga

Veneers are specialized porcelain casts that are made specifically according to patient’s teeth shape. These are helpful when a single decaying tooth needs salvation. Bonding and porcelain veneers Mississauga can be used in the following conditions:

Aims Dentistry carries out a professional dental assessment before performing teeth whitening treatment to select the right treatment option for you.
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Very soft handed and caring staff particularly doctor is very nice and helpful price is reasonable. I would definitely recommend everyone to visit them for all dental care.

Faisal Abbas

Dr Mandeep Sandhu is very professional and a nice person. Her clinic is equipped with the latest technology and hygiene is excellent. Front desk services are super friendly. I would recommend her to anyone who needs dental treatment.

This clinic is top notch, clean, spacious and with the latest technology. But best of all is the gentle and precise dentistry I have ever experienced from a dentist. I have been there four times and have always been very satisfied.

Merwan I.

The best experience with a dentist for our family. Very knowledgable doctor and fantastic staff. The place is very clean and my kids (5&7) go there without hesitation and get treatment without any additional effort. The doctor knows how to treat with little kids. Thank you dr Sandhu.

Best for teeth..I was with my father and i reached at 9.30 am AIIMS and i registerd opd and summit my paper toh gurd and They call me after 1.30 hour.. i was waiting and crowd was also waiting..the doctor is good.

Subham Rai

Had a great experience with the doctor and her assistant. She was very polite and informative. She also advised me for my wisdom teeth extraction.

Amazing experience!!!Doctor is very honest and helpful!!

Harsimrat Singh

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