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Teeth Restoration

Teeth Restoration

When it comes to teeth restoration, Aims Dentistry is leading the filed with its expert dentists who have years of experience in providing the patients various treatments and offering a perfect smile. We provide teeth restoration that is necessary after the damage done by cavities or decay. Treatments for chipped tooth are also performed.

There are several types of restoration procedures that are employed to bring back the beautiful smile. They include fillings, onlays, crowns and dental bridges. Fillings are the treatment done for the cavities that occurs on the surface of the teeth because of bacterial action. The decay is first removed and then the tooth is chiselled back to its original shape.

Onlay is like the filling, but this procedure is done when the damage is quite severe.Sometimes, when the cavities are left unattended, it causes irreversible damage to the enamel which calls for treatment far stronger than filling. AT this point, crown is used. When the tooth is removed, a small restoration procedure known as dental bridge is used to secure the replacement tooth or structure.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!