Spa Dent Whitening
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Affordable and Safe Teeth Whitening Treatment in Mississauga

Everyone wants a whiter set of teeth. Yet, no one wants the inconvenience and sensitivity that’s associated with teeth whitening treatments.

At Aims dentistry, we provide safe and effective teeth whitening treatments. After thorough assessment, our dentists prescribe the teeth whitening treatments that work for you, including:

  • Minimum application time of 20 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes-1 hour of home treatment.
  • Treatment completion in least possible time (within 5-7 days) as compared to 14-30 days of home treatment.
  • Reasonably priced as compared to home whitening kits.
  • No post treatment sensitivity.
  • Blue & Red light activation allow for simultaneous repair along with whitening.
  • Spa-Dent uses natural ingredients for treatment as opposed to at-home applications having high concentration of whitening agent.
  • In-office treatment administered by professionals with complete control on hygiene and safety.

Spa Dent is the ideal new age teeth whitening treatment. It’s quick, safe, and effective. It’s the surest method to get teeth whitening without sensitivity. This revolutionary teeth whitening technique is available at select dental clinics. Aims Dentistry is well known for introducing latest treatment methods and we’re one of the few handfuls in Mississauga to carry out Spa Dent treatment.

What exactly is Spa Dent?

It involves the use of Spa Dent whitening gel which is placed in dual arch mouth trays. The whitening agent used is Carbamide Peroxide instead of Hydrogen Peroxide. The former remains active for a longer duration as compared to the latter.

Whitening gel is activated using SD 800 Blue and Red LED light. Blue light wavelength activates the peroxide molecule, causing it to break down and release peroxide ions that travel through the pores in enamel. These peroxide ions are responsible for teeth whitening. Red light wavelength, on the other hand, simultaneously heals the enamel, erasing any possibility of post treatment sensitivity. The healing property of red light wavelength is demonstrated by NASA.

The key is to choose the right wavelength for treatment.

Why you should go for Spa-Dent?

Spa-Dent treatment is safe and quick. Unlike UV Light treatment, it doesn’t employ harmful radiations and chooses only the most harmless yet effective wavelength ranges.

Benefits of Spa-Dent treatment include:

  • Teeth whitening is achieved in the least possible time.
  • Maximum coverage is possible in this treatment. The entire smile area can be treated in a single sitting.
  • There is absolutely no damage to teeth enamel in this treatment as simultaneous healing takes place along with whitening.
  • Spa-Dent can be used with caps, crowns, and veneers.
  • Penetrates to deeper dentin layer for maximum effectiveness. Stains from foods, beverages, and smoking accumulate in dentin which are removed successfully through Spa-Dent.
  • Effects of Spa-Dent are long lasting, meaning that your teeth remain whiter and brighter for a longer duration.
  • No post treatment sensitivity is reported after undergoing Spa-Dent.

Precautions with Spa-Dent treatment

  • Patients must give their detailed medical history including the medications they’re currently taking.
  • Only the products prescribed by your dentist should be used post treatment.
  • Spa-Dent treatment is strictly a clinical procedure and should be performed by a certified dental professional in a clinical facility.
  • Take all the necessary precautions enlisted by your treatment provider post treatment.