Follow-Up After A Root Canal Treatment


If you’ve previously gone through a root canal treatment, you must know about the necessary post treatment precautions and follow ups.Root canal treatment becomes crucial if the tooth infection reaches pulp and engulfs the nerve tissue in there. Treatment involves removal of dead or decaying tissue from the pulp which to some extend de-nerves a tooth. It’s crucial to eradicate infection completely. But equally important is the after care of the affected tooth.
AIMS Dentistry, the well-known experts in the field of Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga, vouch for post-treatment care of tooth and that it’s as vital as the treatment itself. Here, we go through post root canal treatment care that shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Healing period

    Healing period post a root canal treatment is ideally a week or two. Patient will experience mild pain and discomfort throughout the healing period. But if pain and discomfort persists beyond this period and healing is slow, it’s an indication to book an appointment with your dentist. Certain things have to be taken care of during this period. Avoid eating or chewing on the side of the affected tooth. Avoid taking too hot or too cold foods/liquids. A night guard will help to prevent grinding of teeth while you sleep.

  • Dental hygiene

    A successful root canal treatment does not license your further neglect of your teeth. A vigorous after care is advised after undergoing root canal treatment. Brushing and flossing twice a day should be followed up by mouthwash rinse that’s prescribed by your dentist. Don’t go for over the counter products. Keep the tooth and its surrounding area clean and healthy.

  • Antibiotics

    Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics if there are still traces of infection in the surrounding tissue or signs of an abscess formation. Those will be mostly mild antibiotics for prophylaxis. Take only the prescribed medications and don’t go for over-the-counter NSAIDS in case of post treatment pain and inflammation.

  • Crowning of tooth

    You may think that a root canal treatment is a feat in itself and that there’s no need to go for dental crowning. What’s true is the fact that dental crowning is very much crucial after a root canal treatment. It prevents further build-up of infection and helps to cover the root canal completely. Tooth usually becomes brittle after a root canal treatment as it is devoid of nerves. A crown helps it to stay intact and increase its strength.

  • Regular follow-up

    You must follow up after treatment as per your dentist’s recommendations. Follow up is important to assess the progress of healing and to check further infection. With regular follow up, you’ll be able to take care of your affected tooth in a better way.

AIMS Dentistry has been the preferred choice for Root Canal Treatment for many years, boasting a long list of successfully treated cases. The most important thing is to never ignore any pain and discomfort in your teeth. Most patients approach a dentist when the damage has reached its pinnacle. Don’t wait that long. An early diagnosis may prevent major procedures in the future.

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