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Painless Root Canal Treatment in Mississauga

  • Root canal treatment is the leading cause of dental anxiety. At Aims dentistry, we’ve mastered the art of painless root canal treatment to relieve you of the dental anxiety associated with it.
  • Our dentists are highly experienced and proficient in handling the most extreme cases of root canal. For us, comfort and convenience of our patients is paramount.
  • Affordable services with flexible payment options.
  • Complete post-treatment care.
  • 24X7 emergency helpline for any dental issue.

Aims Dentistry is the preferred dental clinic for root canal treatment in Mississauga.

  • Root canal treatment is the procedure to save tooth from decay and infection.
  • It’s administered when infection reaches dental pulp which contains nerves and blood vessels.
  • Root canal treatment involves removal of entire contents of pulp. The whole cavity is sterilized with the help of anti-bacterial and anti-septic solutions.
  • Sealing and filling of cavity follows after disinfection.
  • Root canal treatment helps save a tooth from decay and extraction.
  • Administered following a fractured tooth and tooth infection.
  • Aims Dentistry carries out painless root canal treatment in Mississauga.
  • Patients can talk to their dentists regarding their choice of anesthesia.
  • Patients with dental anxiety can opt for our sedation dentistry services.
  • Dental crowning is advised as per necessity.

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