Dental Braces Mississauga

Dental Braces Mississauga

Dental braces are appliances used in orthodontics to straighten and align teeth. They help in positioning the teeth to improve dental health and regain normal bite. Braces are also used to fix gaps and correct other flaws of the jaw and teeth. They can be for cosmetic or structural purposes.

At AIMS Dentistry, we provide a wide range of dental braces in Mississauga. We provide clear braces, traditional metal braces, retainers, and ceramic braces all at a friendly price. As leading orthodontist Mississauga, we offer quality dental braces for kids, teenagers & adults.

Teeth alignment is crucial in determining the overall aesthetic appeal of a person. Crooked, misaligned teeth not only causes a slump in confidence levels, but also contributes to numerous dental problems.

Aims Dentistry, the leading orthodontics in Mississauga, recommend an early alignment in childhood or adolescence. With advancing age, teeth become more compacted and it takes longer for teeth to be properly aligned with braces.

Dental braces are being used for a long time to improve dental symmetry and to make your smile more uniform. However, bracing is not just about aesthetic appeal. There are many other reasons to go for braces such as:

  • Crooked and crowded teeth affect speech production. In some cases, extreme misalignment can result in faulty speech and can cause lack in confidence.
  • Overlapping teeth make proper cleaning very difficult. They provide cozy creases for food particles to accumulate. This can lead to excessive plaque formation in those creases and can cause cavities and gum diseases.
  • The incidence of mouth ulcers due to biting are reported more in patients with crooked teeth than in patients well aligned teeth. Uneven bite can cause this problem which can get worse with age.

What’s the best age to see an orthodontist?

Teeth alignment can be corrected at any age. Ideally, you should take your kids to see an orthodontic as soon as permanent teeth start to emerge. That means the ideal age for first visit is 7-8 years.

That doesn’t mean you can’t see an orthodontic as adults. However, it’s much easier, convenient, and faster to correct teeth alignment at a young age.

How you should care for your teeth with braces?

Braces require careful cleaning as food particles can get lodged in them resulting in plaque deposition. Follow these precautions while brushing and flossing to ensure thorough cleaning.

  • Take off elastics and other removable parts of braces before brushing every single time.
  • Clean all the wires and pins of braces by holding brush at an angle of 45o. Remove plaque and food particles stuck in the wires and pins.
  • Next, clean your teeth one by one. Apply gentle pressure and clean in a circular motion by holding brush at an angle of 45o.
  • Ask your dentist the right flossing technique with braces. Floss once a day, every day.
  • Rinse thoroughly after brushing and flossing with water.

Regular visits to your dentist/orthodontic are necessary for periodic adjustment as teeth get aligned.