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Gum Treatment

Gum Treatment

Oral health problems aren’t only limited to tooth decay. According to the experts, there is a steep rise I the number of gum diseases or gingivitis cases among adults as well as kids. Also known as periodontal diseases, this is the infection which occurs areas surrounding deep soft tissues, gums and in severe cases, the bone that supports the teeth. If the infection is not treated at the earliest, it can lead to the loss of tooth. Usually, this infection is because of bacterial infestation around the teeth and bad oral habits. It damages the surrounding soft tissues.

When a patient comes to us, our experts check for the signs of gum problems. We also take care to examine the gums for any damage during the routine check-up of patient. This is necessary as there are chances that the patient may not experience any symptom during the early stages. In severe cases, there are evident symptoms that include bleeding from the swollen gums, mouth sores, colour change of gums to red-purple or bright purple from the normal pink and constant bad breath, irrespective of the frequent use of mouthwash.

At Aims Dentistry, we treat the problem of gum infection in two different ways depending upon the severity of condition. If the infection is in early stages, then the patient is recommended to undergo scaling and deep cleaning even below the gums, disinfecting the whole site, laser treatment along with a proper antibiotic course. In severe cases, the gum is opened by a surgical procedure and the infected site is properly cleaned. In case, if the infection has affected the bone, then bone grafting is done. The last step involves gum grafting to restore the lost gum and to protect the tooth from sensitivity.

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