Emergency Dentist Mississauga

Dental emergency treatments are provided to offer short term relief of acute swelling or pain. It is performed to deal with a lost crown, lost filling, chipped tooth or generalized pain. At AIMS Dentistry, our specialists address some of these emergency dental problems promptly. We provide 24-hours dental emergency services in Mississauga, so when you face a dental emergency, we are there to alleviate your problem.

Dental emergency can strike at any moment. A filling may come out loose while eating or a tooth can get fractured during a fall. There’s no need to worry for Aims Dentistry is here for your dental emergencies in Mississauga.

Dental emergencies can be of different types. Here are the common dental emergencies and the appropriate course of action in each case:

  • Toothache: Toothache should never be ignored. Patients often ignore mild toothaches and take over the counter pain killers for the same until the underlying problem worsens. Toothache whether severe or mild should be looked upon as dental emergency. Call your dentist as soon as you experience toothache and explain your symptoms in detail. Your dentist may either prescribe an over-the-counter pain killer or may ask you to visit clinic for a closer look into the matter.
  • Loose Filling: Filling protects your teeth from further decay and infection. In case it comes out loose or is lost, call your dentist immediately. Especially if you’ve had root canal treatment. Mild negligence can lead to loss of tooth.
  • Fractured Tooth: After a sudden fall or accident, if you experience pain in your teeth and see blood coming out of a particular tooth or gums, call your dentist ASAP. Take the necessary precautions and rush to your dentist for a closer look. Cracked and chipped tooth demand immediate action.
  • Knocked Out Tooth: If the entire tooth has come out as a whole, there’s a certain time window within which it should be placed back in so it can develop roots. If it’s not put in its place within 10 minutes to 2 hours, there’s less hope for it to take root again. Stick it back in place and call your dentist immediately.

Aims dentistry is available 24X7 on-call for any dental emergency in Mississauga.