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Dentures Services



Teeth loss occurs mostly because of two reasons: advancing age or accidents. To compensate for this loss, most of the dental experts suggest Dentures Services. Dentures are dental prosthetic that is inserted in the mouth and it replaces the natural teeth, while providing the patients ease of chewing and other activities and also provides cheeks and lips the essential support.

Most of the dentures are made of porcelain or plastic or combination of both. Dentures can be customised to fit over endodontically teeth or a complete denture can be used, which is usually attached to the dental implants and allow a more secured fit. There are certain types of dentures including:

  • Conventional denture that is used when all the teeth are removed and gums are properly healed after the extraction.
  • Immediate denture that is used immediately after tooth is extracted and the affected gum area heals under the denture.
  • Dentures for upper jaw has acrylic in flesh colour that covers the roof of mouth, also known as palette.
  • Dentures for lower jaw is designed in horseshow shaped to accommodate tongue.

With course of time, dentures undergo wear and tear and needs replacement or realignment for perfect fit. This calls for regular dental checkups with dental experts at Aims Dentistry.

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