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Skip Flossing And You May Need Frequent Dental Treatments

Best Dental Treatment in Mississauga Yup. You heard that right. Even though time and again we’ve been telling you about the importance of flossing for your teeth, it’s much easier for you to give it a miss citing various excuses. Too tired? Ran out of floss? What difference does it make if I skip just […]

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How to maintain oral health- Tips from best dentists in Mississauga

How to maintain oral health- Tips from best dentists in Mississauga In this fast paced life, we often tend to neglect our oral health. We think that brushing and flossing once a day is more than enough. Well it ain’t. There are many factors that contribute to optimal oral health. If we analyze the evaluation […]

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Follow-up after a Root Canal Treatment

If you’ve previously gone through a root canal treatment, you must know about the necessary post treatment precautions and follow ups. Root canal treatment becomes crucial if the tooth infection reaches pulp and engulfs the nerve tissue in there. Treatment involves removal of dead or decaying tissue from the pulp which to some extend de-nerves […]

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Best Dental Clinic Mississauga

When it comes to dental care, early detection and treatment saves from future damage to teeth. Often patients get confused about the different types of dental treatment options available. To make things easy for you, we hereby give you an overview of the key Best Dental Clinic Mississauga being offered at Aims Dentistry. This way, […]

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Teeth Whitening Treatment- Benefits and Precautions

Teeth whitening Treatment Mississauga  is quite in vogue like never before. Blame it on the selfie-culture, people have become more obsessed with perfection. They’ve become more conscious of their appearance. No wonder more and more people are opting for teeth whitening treatments and we’d say it’s a welcome trend. Teeth whitening is more a necessity […]

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A Wiggly Baby Tooth- Why It’s Important

Fall of the first baby tooth is a milestone in itself. When your little one comes running to you with a fallen baby tooth, you just can’t help smiling. Because you know it paves way for strong, permanent teeth. Baby teeth start to fall around the age of 5 or 6. The lower front incisors […]

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