Foods To Avoid After Teeth Whitening Treatment

Many people opt for Teeth Whitening Treatment to enhance the aesthetic appeal of their smile. In today’s selfie obsessed world, everyone wants to look their flawless best and teeth whitening is one of the ways to achieve that. However, there are certain precautions to be observed post treatment to maintain….
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Before You Board That Flight- Dental Care Tips While Traveling

Dental emergency can strike anytime. Even when you’re about to board your flight. The question is, how to ensure optimal dental care even while you’re on the go? There are certain things to consider strongly before you decide to fly, especially if you recently underwent a dental procedure. AIMS Dentistry, the best dental clinic in …
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Important Vitamins For Optimal Dental Health In Children

Children are known to be fuzzy eaters. They have their fixed menu which most of the time includes fast foods like pizza or sugary foods like pancakes. But does all that provide the necessary vitamins needed for healthy gums and teeth? When it comes to promoting healthy teeth in children, parents have to….
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Teeth Whitening Treatment- Benefits and Precautions

Teeth whitening Treatment Mississauga is quite in vogue like never before. Blame it on the selfie-culture, people have become more obsessed with perfection. They’ve become more conscious of their appearance. No wonder more and more people are opting….
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